Deck construction on the Sunshine Coast

Timber Deck Being Constructed — Home Builders in Diddillibah, QLD
At CKC Constructions we provide new home constructions, renovations and extensions, we can also add more living space to your home with a new deck construction. Our team can build timber decks on the exterior of your home, giving you a lot more functional space to entertain or spend time with your family. Decks are an attractive addition to your home, essentially they bring the outdoors in and give you extra room to move. Our timber decks are quality builds and made to last for many years into the future with the right care and maintenance.

Timber decks are a worthwhile investment for any home, not only for the extra usable space they afford but also for the added curb appeal. Our decks are made from the finest timber and can be painted or stained in a wide range of colours that will enhance your home’s exterior design scheme. We can also build decks in a range of sizes so you can go for something elaborate and eye-catching, or we can take things in a simpler direction. Decks can make a home look complete and more cohesive by tying all elements together.
Decks are also a great way to add living space to your home without going to the expensive of adding a whole room. You will have more usable space to enjoy outdoor meals or to spend time with family and friends. Before building a deck it’s a good idea to consider the purpose for the space, they can be built in virtually any size so you can have multiple zones on the same right down to a small and very simple place to sit. Having an outdoor deck has been shown to increase property value, buyers are more likely to purchase houses with decks and outdoor sitting areas, which could make it easier for you to sell if you decide to, in the future.

Our decks are built from quality timber and you can have them customised with paint or stain in a shade that best complements your home. With proper sealing and maintenance your deck can last for decades without losing its visual appeal. Aside from traditional decks, we also add pergolas for those homeowners that want a little more visual interest while also providing the option of adding shade to block out the sun’s rays while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Ask about deck construction anywhere throughout the Sunshine Coast for your home

We are proud to offer our deck construction services throughout the Sunshine Coast, you can have your consultation and quote today. Our team provide an all in one solution, you will work directly with us throughout the whole construction process. We are fully committed to providing high calibre work that you can be proud of and we use only the best materials. Give us a call, our team will be happy to take a look at your home to assess the location for your deck and to help you design something that will perfectly accommodate your space.